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Boundaries Defined

When purchasing land or property you may assume that the extent of your ownership is clear, however, it is not always as clear as it may appear in plan. Often dimensions are not accurate of the plans are not marked up correctly. It is always therefore beneficial to review and have an understanding of your boundaries and treatments of them when purchasing land or property. It is even more critical if you are planning work that may affect a boundary or access. Accessing boundaries can be costly but it is our objective to supply reliable and affordable services into determining the understanding of boundaries.

Boundary disputes may be overcome by appointing a surveyor to ascertain the correct location of the boundary. The two parties to the dispute may instruct their own surveyor and the two surveyors may be able to settle the matter between them. Owners sometimes jointly appoint one surveyor to investigate the location of the boundary and make a decision. If the parties have agreed that the surveyor should be appointed as an arbitrator in the dispute then his/her decision would be binding on both parties. Similarly, the parties may appoint a surveyor as an independent expert to settle the matter.

Surveyors specializing in boundaries are professional advisors with relevant knowledge of both property issues and the law. They will look at the problem prepare any technical data that may help solve the dispute at an early stage and if necessary provide a court with the appropriate advice and information needed to make a judgement.

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